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One week down, 11 to go

Well, my first week has been telling. Fortunately it hasn’t all been bad. I’m starting off slow, which only makes sense, but my first week has consisted of two swim sessions, two bike sessions, four runs and one rest day. Until I started this training I expected my run would be my weakest area. Between that and a friend of mine suggesting a run [however short] after each bike ride, I’m getting in a fair amount of running- which I’m both okay with, and completely hating. Well, not completely…

I was clearly wrong on what my weakest leg would be though. It’s certainly swimming. I really should have expected that… Maybe I’ll touch on that another day. Frankly I’m too tired to right now.

My cycling ability is far from where it used to be. I did a 35 mile ride this week with a buddy of mine. He’s also doing this triathlon. I made it through the 35, but since it’s been a while since I’ve done a long ride, I struggled a bit. I’ll get it back.

For the most part, however, I’m very excited about the way this week has gone. Not so much on my ability, but that I’ve held to a training regimen. I’ve never actually followed a regimen in any sort of athletic activity. I mean, I’ve enjoyed cycling and at some points have cycled a few times a week, but I’ve never had a plan for it. I was just riding to ride. I’m very excited that I’ve held to the routine this week. I’m pretty confident that will make it easier to keep going the next couple weeks. I figure by then it should pretty well come more naturally than not.

Days until race: 79

Current weight: 211

Mileage to date: 56 miles

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