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Two weeks down, ten to go

I did not feel up to par this week.

I didn’t feel sick or anything. I just didn’t feel so great as far as the workouts go, so I didn’t workout as well. I still completed the workouts, I just didn’t try as hard.

I know, that’s not a great strategy. I’m hoping I improve this week and put more into it. I think I was a bit bummed as I’ve been more active the past couple weeks than I had been in a while but my weight is still hovering around the same level. I’m going to work harder this week at eating better and not bothering to weigh myself for a couple weeks.

I figure with this strategy I’ll be more focused on making improvements in my performance rather than my weight. I’ll have something that will be better rewarded to shoot for and hopefully the weight drops as a byproduct of that. We’ll see…

I’m also going to try and put more miles on the bike this week. I don’t have a good strategic/training reason for it, frankly. I just miss being able to ride at the same level I used to, so this week I’m going to try to do a little about that.

Days until race: 69

Current weight: ?

Mileage to date: 82 miles

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