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Rest Day…

June 4, 2011 Leave a comment

First of all, I’ve no intention of updating as frequently here as I have been. I know if I even try to keep this pace going I’ll be so sick of writing within another two weeks or so. So don’t count on that – you hear me all 0 of you followers?

Secondly, today was the first rest day. I had planned on spending it with some great friends of mine and their daughters at our local highland games. We’ve been trying to make it to this shindig for the last seven years or so, but inevitably something gets in the way every year. Someone’s out of town, someone else has a college graduation, someone’s uncle’s brother’s mother’s birthday is that weekend. It never fails.

This year there was nothing to keep us from going. We planned around it a month or two ago, and nothing would be planned in its place- we were going to make it this year.

Then yesterday I get a phone call from my friend. “I win” is all he says when I answer.

“What?” I was pretty sure he was going to go for a bike ride yesterday, so I figured it was in some way related to our triathlon training (he’s one of the two friends I mentioned would also be doing this triathlon).

“I win.”

Repeating oneself doesn’t often clarify things for me. “You won… at what?”

“I wrecked my bike at 25mph! I’m on my way to the ER now.”

Up until this point he didn’t sound at all like there was anything unusual going on. Frankly, I assumed he was kidding.

However, given the tone of the start of this post, I’m assuming those of you reading this have already guessed otherwise. Sure enough, he was headed to the emergency room, possibly with a broken hip. His helmet had also been cracked, as his head hit the pavement pretty hard. As a testament to helmet-wearing, he didn’t even feel a little headache.

I found out a few hours later that he hadn’t broken his hip, but would be on crutches a few days, which meant, for about eight years running, no trip to the highland games.

For him. I was going, dangit.

And I had a blast.

For Anyone interested, one of my favorite groups was there, a band called Albannach. They put bagpipes over tribal drums with the occasional vocals. Here’s one of their tunes from their first set today. (I left before their second. Unfortunately I was very tired and sun-drained.)

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